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Glenn Shelhamer

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Glenn Shelhamer IS as good as it gets with real estate. He and his team take care of all the real estate details & walk you through the whole process with professionalism.

  • DANIEL S, seller
  • Los Angeles

I highly recommend Glenn Shelhamer to anyone buying or selling a house, and I plan on doing business with Glenn Shelhamer again in the very near future.

Glenn Shelhamer is a stand up guy who happens to be a very knowledgable and effective real estate agent. A rare find!

I originally bought my Eagle Rock house with the intention of living in it for a few years, but rather quickly realized it wasn’t right for me. When it came time to selling the house I interviewed a number of agents, including Glenn, to figure out what best to do with it. It became clear Glenn knew the area incredibly well, had repeated success selling a range of properties, and didn’t come across as the typical agent. He also has a real passion for architecture and plenty of contacts for managing home improvements that we undertook as part of the process of getting the place ready to sell.

I made a very fair and profitable sale. Better still, the stress was almost non-existent. Yes, there were the expected bumps in the road during the rehab process, but Glenn was never rattled and communicated quickly and clearly so we had the time and information needed to make informed decisions at every turn.

I highly recommend Glenn Shelhamer to anyone buying or selling a house, and I plan on doing business with Glenn Shelhamer again in the very near future.

I didn’t live in the house while it was on the market. Did I mention Glenn even watered the plants for me…yeah, that happened.

  • Chris Roth, seller
  • 4651 Castle Crest Dr, Los Angeles

You’re in good hands with Glenn! Use him for sure!

I had been idly curious about homes within my price range for a while. It was with Glenn’s help that I was able to bite the bullet, and I’m very happy I did! I was attracted to his tastes (his blog has some wonderful finds and tells you EVERYTHING helpful about the east side cities), and his specialty in the NELA area, which was essential to me. Right away he found some listings that were just wonderful. I chose to pursue a beautiful little 2-bedroom bungalow in Silver Lake. With Glenn’s guidance, my bid was chosen over multiple offers! It was a great find– before and since I’ve seen no comparable listings in comparable spots in my price range.

In addition to being tasteful, Glenn is on the ball and full of good ideas. As a first-time homebuyer who was making this purchase on my own, I had a lot of questions and gaps in information that Glenn kindly obliged to fill. He also made solid recommendations for all of the various services necessary in home buying (loan officer, plumbers, mold – YUCK etc).

Perhaps the greatest testament to his professionalism and warmth in my experience with Glenn was the way he handled it when I freaked out a week into escrow. I was feeling overwhelmed and frightened, and he talked me down from my state of panic. He was kind and surprisingly personal; He offered to help me back out if I truly wanted to, and gently assured me in a way that didn’t make me feel pressured at all that during the contingency period I could “walk away”. He handled it in the most delicate way, for which I’m grateful… especially since it helped me see the deal through and move into a fantastic first home!

During the inspection, there were some problems discovered with mold under the heater. Glenn’s negotiations with the seller’s agent went amazingly, and I’m very satisfied with that aspect of the deal as well.

I also liked his extensive use of DocuSign. I don’t know if it’s industry standard, but not having to manually sign all those loads of paperwork sure did make things easier than in most circumstances where I have to sign infinite paperwork.

You’re in good hands with Glenn! Use him for sure!!

ps. He’ll make you laugh.

  • Yelena Aksert, buyer
  • Hollywood

It is with great pleasure that we write this review for Shelhamer Real Estate Group. After making attempts to sell a property in downtown Los Angeles over several years with various agents we were eventually fortunate enough to find Glenn. Glenn found a buyer in less than a week and escrow was closed quickly, soon after he took us on several home tours and found my family a new home.

He answered all our questions with patience and diligence. We could simply not afford to waste time supervising a real estate agent. Glenn is conscionable and principled. He listens and cares about his clients. We appreciated his expediency and flexibility when working with our 1031 Exchange. Our process was a difficult one but with swiftness and skill, he made it look simple and most importantly alleviated the stress that can come with buying and selling homes!

My family has named him Glenn “the Godsend” Shelhamer because we consider him a blessing. We are happy to have found a real estate agent, our immediate and extended family can work with for many, many years to come.

  • Karla Garcia, seller
  • 326 S Bonnie Brea, Los Angeles

My family has named him Glenn “the Godsend” Shelhamer because we consider him a blessing.