Aging With a Plan

Senior Real Estate Specialist
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As a Senior Real Estate Specialist with The Shelhamer Group I am honored to work with our aging clients. The next chapter of our lives often brings perceived challenges, not from the acceptance of the truth that we all are aging but the judgments that we create in response and often lack of action to that truth. I have been in sales and service to an older demographic for decades. One of the most important kernels of wisdom that I have received from this privilege is that the older generations are nearly always modeled around self sufficiency. The roll up your sleeves mentality contrasts with today’s generation which relies on google searches, social networks, Reddit forums along with video tutorials on YouTube to gather our information, purchase our tools to get the job done. We aren’t always the first to ask for help but when we do we come to appreciate the community that we build and the network of resources and people that unite in pursuit of the goals that we set forth to reach. The older generation, as I have heard from my own parents, don’t want to be a burden. This leaves the aging people in our communities in a very isolated and lonely place. Our elders with the knowledge and wisdom we yearn for in this information age have become marginalized and more often than not forgotten. As a senior real estate specialist with The Shelhamer Group I spend a great deal of time each week out in the communities that I am privileged to work in North East Los Angeles waving and drumming up casual conversations with some phenomenal people. It has been a wonderful experience for me personally and professionally, as I have come to be of service in both areas. In return I have gained more than I can give which continues to keep me out there reaching more neighbors and future clients and simply in each given day trying to make a difference. This personal story brings me to an experience that I wanted to share with you.

The Shelhamer Group Senior Real Estate Specialists

I recently went to a listing appointment at a wonderful and aging couples home. Like so many, they purchased their property decades earlier with an astoundingly high interest rate of 13%, and we still complain about historical low rates of 6% ! The home had multiple stories and a vast amount of space, now currently used as storage. It is a charming property that they have built into a home over the decades. It has become a time capsule to cling and be closer to the memories that were. While these are vital to what makes us sentient and human, I find that making new memories with the ones that I love and cherish is what keeps me moving forward in this life. The couple were over their heads with the accumulation of collectibles and items they had gathered from their travels and were intimidated by the heavy furniture pieces, from beds, tables, and armoires. They had no plan or idea of where they were going. Recently his wife took a misstep on the second story staircase and fell. Fortunately she has been able to get the medical and rehabilitory attention that she needed. This is one of the major reasons that they reached out to us and we have been grateful to be of service to both of them and their entire family. With each experience as a residential real estate advisor I find the opportunity to be of service to be the most meaningful in my life. I work with a brokerage that based on our own professional and personal experience with aging parents and friends grew out our business plan to reach a growing senior population where we came to specialize in the real estate field as Senior Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®). With the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) our team is able to meet the special needs of maturing Americans when selling, buying, relocating, or refinancing residential or investment properties. We are prepared to approach mature clients with the best options and information for them to make life-changing decisions.

Senior Real Estate Specialist
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Our knowledge in a wide variety of subject areas including counseling and senior housing options is not limited to:


  • Understanding the types of housing available for the 50+ market

  • Examining key life stages, viewpoints, and transitions in relation to housing choices

  • Recognizing how a home can be adapted for safety, comfort, and aging in place

  • Sharing with our clients how reverse mortgages, pensions, 401(k) accounts, and IRAs impact real estate decisions

  • Identifying mortgage finance and loan schemes and scams that victimize borrowers over the age of 50

  • Helping integrate disposition of real property into estate plans

  • Ensuring your transactions comply with federal laws, including the Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA)

  • Staying focused on the transaction and avoid inappropriate involvement in family matters

  • Assembling a team of experts to help you serve ages 50+ clients and customers

  • Sharing our  knowledge of how Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security can affect you.

Our areas of commitment to our clients and families begin with listening to your story. This stage of life can be complex and highly emotional. We know how to simplify things and support you every step of the way. We share with you your options based on over a decade of experience and commitment to our clients. Through the process we’re able to figure out what makes the most sense for you. We don’t lose sight that this process is all about you and what’s best for you. For adults ages fifty and over the often complex process of preparing and selling real estate can be made more difficult due to physical and financial limitations, and the strong emotions connected to your family home. 

The Shelhamer Group Senior Guide

Having an SRES® at your side can simplify selling your home every step of the way. Growing old together with family, friends and a community that supports you makes a difference. Aging with a plan, and having a real estate professional as part of that team who specializes in your particular challenges and needs can make all the difference in the world for a smooth transition into the exciting next chapter of your life.


Procrastination, being aware of when you’re maybe procrastinating. If I can’t do something in five minutes that needs to get done in five minutes, I scratch it because I can just get wrapped up and doing busy work all day long.

I’m aiming for specific things and I have large projects on my desk and I have to be mindful about every minute of the day and, and what I’m moving and shaking on.

Think about that, just really think about that as you’re going through your day today. Think about what it is. You really want to get done today, what it is, you need to get done and then what you’re actually doing, you know, you, you, you may be surprised.

Glen Shelhamer

Glenn Shelhamer is a nationally recognized Real Estate leader who has been helping people move in and out of the Los Angeles area for many years. He is also the team lead of The Shelhamer Real Estate Group. When Glenn’s not selling real estate he can be found spending time with his beautiful wife and two terrific kids.