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It’s important to understand what motivates sellers. Peel back the layers to find out what makes them tick. What do they really want? How do we get your offer accepted? Working with a broker like Glenn Shelhamer & associates who regularly works with both buyers and sellers gives you a huge advantage.

What Our Clients Say:


Glenn Shelhamer is a stand-up guy who happens to be a very knowledgeable and effective real estate agent. A rare find! I originally bought my Eagle Rock house with the intention of living in it for a few years, but rather quickly realized it wasn’t right for me. When it came time to sell the house I interviewed a number of agents, including Glenn, to figure out what best to do with it. It became clear Glenn knew the area incredibly well, had repeated success selling a range of properties, and didn’t come across as the typical agent. He also has a real passion for architecture and plenty of contacts for managing home improvements that we undertook as part of the process of getting the place ready to sell. I made a very fair and profitable sale. Better still, the stress was almost non-existent. Yes, there were the expected bumps in the road during the rehab process, but Glenn was never rattled and communicated quickly and clearly, so we had the time and information needed to make informed decisions at every turn. I highly recommend Glenn Shelhamer to anyone buying or selling a house, and I plan on doing business with Glenn Shelhamer again in the very near future. I didn’t live in the house while it was on the market. Did I mention Glenn even watered the plants for me…yeah, that happened.

Chris R

buyer & seller

We enjoyed working with Glenn a lot. He went above and beyond to ensure our bid was the winning one on the house we loved, including working 24/7 through the weekend to prep the paperwork, gather intelligence and put healthy pressure on Seller’s Agent to choose our offer. I highly recommend Glenn for two additional reasons: He has an authentic & honest work style and empathizes with the Buyer from the start. Budget? Lifestyle? Preferences? An emotional connection to a neighborhood? House type? He is able to put the picture together very quickly and provide tailored advice from the start, especially on the hard-to measure nuances that numbers cannot show. Glenn works hard, and 24/7 if necessary (as it was in our case). Also, he actually does the work and follows through on his promises all the way. At the end of the day, the actual RE transaction is a simple commodity (e.g., you need someone with an RE license to sign the paperwork and assume the legal responsibility if something goes wrong), so the real value comes from an agent who actually does the work that leads to the transaction. For example, Glenn read our inspection report in detail, provided expert opinion on what’s critical to fix and what’s not, and lined up contractors to come in all on one day and provide on-the-spot estimates. I would work with him again if and when my wife & I are in the market.

Ves A.

buyer & seller

We serendipitously found Glenn through his excellent Silver Lake blog when we spotted a house in Atwater Village that he listed on the site. We were not even seriously looking, but when we called Glenn to inquire about the listing, he met us later that same day, eager and ready to help us make an offer on our (now ) house. As first time buyers, we learned on the fly as the escrow process began, and Glenn was always ready to help us with our incessant questions, guide us through the mounds of paperwork, navigate the loan process, follow up with the correct people at crucial deadlines, and manage all the various inspections. I especially appreciated it when he could be present at the inspections when our work schedules prevented us from being there. HIs enthusiasm, patience, and knowledge are immense assets, and I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a motivated and qualified real estate agent.

peter lee

buyer & seller

Glenn helped us buy our first home! He was helpful, always available and super knowledgeable. As first-time buyers, we were full of questions and skepticism about the real estate market and anyone in it. Glenn spent some time on the phone getting to know us and what we were looking for, and then he met us at the property that had piqued our interest. He gave us his honest opinion, comparing it to his own house and previous properties he’s helped sell or buy. Glenn really knows the area and the market, but if there’s something he isn’t sure about or is outside his area of expertise, he really will tell you. Although we were reticent to trust anyone in the real estate business, Glenn won us over because he consistently came through for us. I would recommend Glenn to anyone interested in buying or selling in NELA!.

Whitney K.

buyer & seller

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